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De Verre Naasten


Development Rehabilitation Education Awareness Mission (DREAM)

Dharan Christian Society




Diocese of Geita - AICT

Diocese of Hyderabad

Diocese of Jabalpur, CNI

Diocese of Matana

Diocese of Ruaha

Diocese of Shinyanga

Disciples Du Christ Kinshasa

Discipleship Centre

Divine Fellowship


Dreams “Historias que tranforman”

Durlston Pastoral Care Centre

Eastern Theological College

Eco-Excellent Concept Organisation

Editora Ultimato

Education Training and Service for Community Nepal


Église Évangélique Baptiste - EEB

Eglisé Evangelique de la Pentecôte

Eglise Protestante Evangelique de Guinee

Ejército de Salvación

El Shaddai Association

El Shaddai Resource Centre

El-Rapha Prayer Ministry


Emergency Relief and Development Overseas-ERDO

Emmanuel Hospital Association

Emmanuel Ministries

Entidad Natural LA de Cooperacion Estrategica

Ethics, Peace & Justice Commission, Association of Evangelicals in Africa

Ethiopian Mulu Wongel Amagnoch Church Development Organisation

Ethnos International Development Centre

Evangelical Alliance Australia

Evangelical Association of the Caribbean

Evangelical Churches Fellowship Of Ethiopia

Evangelical Congregational Church of India

Evangelical Fellowship of Malawi

Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia

Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe

Evangelical Social Action Forum

Faith Family Chapel

Faith Family Fellowship Ministries International

Faith in Action

Family and Relationship Crisis Centre

Family Impact Africa